Mini Mantas


Mini Mantas is a brand new venture by a Manchester product designer who wanted to change the way children learned to swim with this revolutionary swimming aid. The idea was born from personal frustration and the confusing amount of products on the market that are not necessarily the best solution for children learning to swim.

As children learn to swim they can be guided in the correct way and in some cases the wrong way. This also comes with a whole host of swimming aids which can add to the confusion.

More often than not this can often restrict techniques that are vital to a childs progress and development due to the sheer array of products used in the pool.

‘Mani’ was the solution to this problem which allows children to learn in the correct body position from the very start of their swimming  journey.

The Brief

We were approached by Mini Mantas and asked to give ‘Mani’ a personality in relation to a complete look and feel of the product.

The brief was to engage with parents and children alike whilst maintaining a serious educational message for the product.

The Solution

Following an initial insight and research process into this particular sector, we soon realised that the product was unique and there was nothing on the market that stood up to it, not only in aesthetics but also in relation to functionality which had a great effect on the overall outcome of the design work.

We have been responsible for designing the website, brochures as well as studio and location photography with great effect.

The photography came as a great challenge for us as we knew we needed to approach this in a very different way to other photoshoots we have carried out in the past. It was evident from the start that we needed more than just pool side shots. We needed to get up close and personal in the pool carrying out underwater photography of the product in action showcasing “Mani’ in its natural environment.

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